High Quality Montana Herefords

Our goal is to produce balanced Hereford genetics for the commercial cattleman. For the past couple of years we have invested in top bloodlines from Cooper Herefords and Holden Herefords, the top Line One herds in the U.S., along with top end Hereford genetics from Churchill Cattle Company.

L Bar W Sires

Our Bulls have been hand selected from top line one herds including Cooper Herefords, and Holden Herefords; two of the top line one programs in the United States.



L Bar W Dams

As America’s cow herd expands, the need for quality replacement females will only grow. We plan to focus on this market segment and therefore our program will focus on the maternal side as well. Females need to have good udders, fleshing ability, fertility and be a good mama. Line One genetics offer the predictability of these traits.


F1 Black Baldies & Hybrid Vigor

Research has shown that a crossbred cow is 8% more efficient than a purebred cow, lives 38% longer and has 25% more lifetime production in pounds of calf weaned.